Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yoda Alert!: Yoda Model shown in Cracked video! (Bonus points cause they also mention Madden)

Ok so I love going on Cracked! Tonight I checked out what's new and spotted Yoda in one of the articles! Cracked writers grab reference images for their articles and videos all the time and they happened to use a video of someone printing my Yoda sculpt. Sure it was just used for b-roll but it's there none the less! It was even set up right at the beginning of the video at the 4 second mark! Also as another bonus they referenced Madden on the 52 second mark! I love seeing the stuff I work on shown on one of my favorite websites.

Hit the jump to check out the cracked video and the time lapse Yoda print video...

You can find the video here:

The Yoda time lapse video that cracked was referencing is here:

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