Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yoda Alert!: Yoda is taking over the 3D printing world! (I think)

After getting a few updates from friends and colleagues about more Yoda articles, I've found a lot of really cool 3D printing progress with Yoda leading the charge! This little guy is still going strong, getting printed all over the world.
“For some reason, the Yoda head is kind of the symbol of what your 3D printer can do,” said Braydon Moreno, CEO of the crowdfunded startup RoBo 3D. “Everyone across the board is saying ‘Let me see your Yoda.’”

Hit the jump for links and an article on Yoda's influence in the country of Israel!?

In CrowdFundBeat, There is a big focus in the article about how Yoda is used as a right of passage to 3D printing. It seems that this model is used to gauge the quality of the printer and the skill of the user. I gotta say I love this premise to death. It's really fun to see this little guy bringing the community together. I'm still waiting for the Mr. Yoda to be printed onto Mt. Rushmore! (fingers crossed and billions of dollars later. Somebody get on this!)

Another awesome article that really took me by surprise was from Israel21c. While it didn't get a verbal shout out, the picture says it all. Also here's a quote...
“Our vision is for Israel to lead the coming revolution of self-manufacturing,” says Roy Keidar, CEO of the Reut Institute, a Tel Aviv-based policy group established in 2004 “to make an indelibly Israeli and Jewish contribution to the future of humanity.”

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