Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yoda Alert!: Origin Story of Yoda Sculpt

It's been close to two years since I released my yoda sculpt into the wild. I've been blessed to see the huge support that it got since! I never had a chance to tell the story of how it blew up so I want to dedicate this post to its conception.

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When I was in grad school, our class had to do a mock art test to get into Bioware. It wasn't really a job application but pretend. The assignment was to make a yoda bust sculpt and then a low res textured model based on that sculpt. My sculpt did really well and got good feedback along with other artists from my class. There some really good sculpts made by lots of us in different styles.Needless to say I had a lot of fun.

I was asked to make him fatter :) ended up using earlier iteration for printing.

less than 4500 tris

The assignment went well so I put it in my portfolio and called it a day. Fast forward to Siggraph 2011 in Vancouver and you could find me talking to the makerbot guys in the 3d printing booth. They offered to print any model that I wanted for free and they would give me the print. I was ecstatic! printing was relatively expensive and to do a sculpt that I enjoyed for free was an awesome opportunity so I did it. I actually asked zCorp to do my first print which is where the resin copy came from. It ended being a huge success for them and Makerbot wanted in. They were printing lines of yoda heads and asked me to set up a thingiverse account so that more people could print it. The makerbot guy helped me set it up and told me that I wouldn't get sued by Lucas so long as I didn't try to profit off of the work. I didn't care at this point. I got my free print!

Next thing I know, I got a lot of positive feedback for the print. Soon lots of people made derivatives on the site and from there the rest is history:)

If you want to print the original, stop by this link:

You can see some more derivatives here:

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