Sunday, August 4, 2013

Set up Eclipse with Maya 2014!

It's my second year using Eclipse as a Maya Python IDE. Thanks to Tyler Good and Ryan Trowbridge for inspiring me to do it. This time around, I went ahead and grabbed Eclipse Keplar with the Dark Juno theme to better match my Autodesk products.

Hit the jump if you're interested in setting up Eclipse with Maya yourself. I can add some links that can help.

Making Eclipse Soar is an awesome article that goes over everything that you need to do for a solid set up

You can change your theme to Dark Juno by downloading it here:

If you just need the latest Maya Eclipse plugin, you can grab it here:

Here's a more in depth tutorial on Remote Debugging (Highly Recommended! Jason Parks is awesome)

Here's another alternate tutorial if you want to install your remote debug button in the script editor

Hope this helps anyone who wants to step out of Notepad for Maya tool writing!

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