Saturday, August 16, 2014

Madden 15 coming out

Madden 15 is about to come out this month which is very exciting for me! This image sums up a lot of the work that I did for the game this year. We made great strides in graphics and character likeness. My main contribution was in the facial animation workflow and pipeline. We had lots of problems in previous years with facial rigs breaking randomly on coaches and players. When facial animation wasn't broken, usually the animation would tend to break the likeness of the model. We made huge improvements in this front as well as in the modeling from to get really believable likeness on key players and coaches. I'm really proud of all that was achieved in this past year. It's like night and day compared to last year. Fans are definitely noticing the improvements and I am definitely excited for the game to come out. We needed to make sure that these major fixes applied to every single character across the game so if there are no broken faces on any of the players this year, it will be a great success.

Sadly this is my last year working on Madden as I have moved to LucasFilm. I will say that working on these titles was an incredible experience for me. There's a great group in Tiburon making this title and I will definitely root for them every year.

Hit the jump for some video trailers of the game!

So the marketing this year focused more on gameplay improvements and less on presentation. Either way, you can still see graphics improvements here:

Ok this one has nothing to do with graphics but this commercial is amazing. I love Kevin Hart!

Here are some images from the graphics improvements this year compared to last year (Same consoles btw):

(Left: Last year, Right: This year)

Last year

This year

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