Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shader Toy

This post has been loooooooooooong overdue but I wanted to talk a little bit about Shadertoy. Shadertoy is a web based shading test bed that you can use to play around with shader ideas and prototype techniques that you're interested in. You can also share your code results on the website so that everyone can see how you came up with your awesome techniques. A lot of really brilliant shader developers share their awesome code for all to use and the shader language in the site translates pretty well into other applications with a few key word changes here and there.

I love this site so much as it is a great example of what technical art is all about. Making something beautiful with code and design and sharing your achievements with friends and colleagues.

Here's a link to the site

Hit the jump to see some of my favorite example shaders!

Most of these are just pixel shaders. That means that no art assets were ported in. All of this is pure code. My mind gets blown on a daily basis here. The amount of control that you get from just pixel shaders is astounding. Check this shader out for a really trippy shader:

(Yes this is just a pixel shader)

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